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I write in a number of places online – each with a different focus.

One Post WonderThis has become my default blogging site in the light of ‘The LJ Migration’ (see below). A friend of mine started a blogging site in response to the increase in ADHD focused social media sites. The concept is simple enough: your posts are limited to one per day. You can post about whatever you like, but when you have one post per day, that post is much less likely to be about what you had for breakfast.

Ride Off Into the Sunset – My travel blog. When I left my job in I.T., I decided that I would spend more time traveling the world. When I had the good fortune to start with TomTom as a mobile mapper, I decided to shift the direction of the blog, but the general ‘travel/adventure’ theme remains.

Livejournal Account
Dreamwidth AccountNote: I’ve shut down my old LJ account in the light of some things I didn’t agree with under the new(ish) ownership. Fortunately for me, the great folks over at Dreamwidth made this process painless by providing a fantastic ‘import from Livejournal’ feature. So, if you’re looking for content from my LJ, it’s still searchable over at Dreamwidth. This is my ‘general purpose’ writing space. Any of a range of topics for writing, and I also drop my daily compilation of tweets from my Twitter to this account. All of that said, I’m there pretty infrequently since I mostly default to One Post Wonder (above).