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Generally speaking, the sites I can be found on can be broken down into the ‘categories’ above. Click on which type you’d like to find me on for a list of options.

Social Media

These are the social sites I’m on to varying degrees. I’ll update the list as I reduce the quantity in deference to quality.

  • Twitter – My go-to for social media. That said, there’s been a recent purchase which may lead to me leaving the place.
  • Mastodon. – Mastodon.Art – Clean and simple / elegant. This one’s pretty good folks. Mastodon is in general.
  • TikTok – I don’t post often, but it’s an interesting place.
  • Instagram – Sometimes, but I’m not a huge fan of FB, so…
  • YouTube – I love to post there, but it takes me some time to build a video, so it happens far less often than I would like.
  • Pinterest – Mostly an observer.
  • Facebook – Not often, but almost all of my people are there, so what’s a guy to do?
  • LinkedIn – Heh. Pretty much only when I’m looking for a new job, but I’m there if you want to get in touch.
  • Planetary Social – A potential replacement for Twitter? Maybe. (Note: this one only works on Apple devices if you have Planetary installed. 🙁 )
  • MeWe – Another site I’m looking at as a potential replacement for others. Jury is still out on this one.
  • Artfol – Sad that this one doesn’t have a web interface available to everyone yet.


  • Discord – MrLich#6091
  • Slack

Personal Websites

  • – my art/illustration website – focus on fantasy/sci-fi/horror art
  • – my blog for posting about my various travel / adventures.
  • matt-works – website for my website building work (mostly retired)
  • – a sandbox that I use for testing stuff out. May one day go to another member of my family since that’s what our name means in Pennsylvania Dutch.

Communal Art

I’ve been woefully negligent when it comes to updating these, so don’t expect my most current work there. Still, if you’re already there, I love to make new friends or find old ones in new places!