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This is the ‘link list’ site of Matt ‘mrlich’ Lichtenwalner. I set it up back before sites like linktree existed, and now I just keep it running because it’s easy for folks to remember.

I’m currently testing this as a single page site for the simplicity of use.


To see more of my art and illustrations as well as blog posts specifically related to those topics, please see my Patreon page. Additionally, I’m slowly trying to revamp my art focused site Though, to be clear – it’s a bit outdated.

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Lately, I’ve been enjoying the idea of federated social media quite a bit. As such, I’m trying out a new spot for my photography posting over at my pixelfed profile.

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I write in a bunch of places, depending on the topic. Below are a list of some of the more common spots.

  • One Post Wonder – Built in response to the takeover of Livejournal, where a number of us had accounts, my friend Tom has created something really special here. Contrary to the ‘fire hydrant’ philosophy behind most social media today, each user gets one post per day to write something. It works pretty great, and it’s where I do my most prolific writing.
  • – They created a clone of Livejournal way back and have updated / changed a bit over time. I still maintain an account there, though I don’t write as much as I do on OPW.
  • Ride Off Into The Sunset – I set this site up a number of years back when, dissatisfied with my I.T. career, I was planning to hit the road. My plans changed pretty significantly, but I did hit the road, and I’ve stayed there for over a decade. I occassionally write about what it’s like out here as a road warrior, and I tend to do it there.

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If you would like to support what I do there are three primary ways to do that:

  • 1. Subscription Sites – These help me out the most, and can be very inexpensive (you literally can’t buy a single coffee for my monthly tier!) and every single subscription really makes me feel like you want to see me keep producing art!
    • Patreon – This is my primary subscription site. It’s the one everyone knows, and it’s pretty simple and straightforward. $2 / month and you get access to all the stuff I post there (most of which other folks never see!)
    • Ko-Fi – I’m still getting this one figured out, but I do want folks to have options, so there will be stuff here eventually!
  • 2. Digital Products – I love digital. There’s no shipping issues, and pretty much no chance someone else will mess things up. It feels the most direct from me to you. So if you’re looking for digital products like eBooks, Video Products (coming soon!), templates, etc – check out my offerings at Gumroad.
  • 3. Physical Merch – I honestly love physical stuff, too. But, with me on the road so much, I pretty much have to use a print on demand (POD) service. I like TeePublic for their quality products, their prices, and honestly, their ease of use on my end. So feel free to check out my TeePublic storefront!

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So there are going to be a lot of links below, but I’m spending less and less time on social media these days. I’m trying to focus on creating good / cool stuff and putting it out into the world. My inner introvert is winning in this particular department.

  • Facebook – I really don’t check in here often, but I figured I would leave a link up since so many of my peers are found here.
  • X – I’m still here currently despite all the *cough* changes *cough*.
  • Mastodon – My current favorite.
  • Blue Sky – So far, I’m diggin it.
  • YouTube – I really do enjoy creating stop motion videos about my illustration process, and I keep saying I’m going to do more with my account here, so…

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There are some other places, and I’ll post them here when I get a bit more time.

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Congrats! You made it all the way to the bottom of the page. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, go to the old home page and do your digging there. Fair warning though – I’m not sure what links will still work at this point…